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From: TLE: :DECWET: : RICHARDSON "Cathie Richardson OS/SB Product Managment 

To: tie: :nylander, tie: :f reburger , tie: :Azibert, flume: :wilson 
Sub j : June fools 

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Subj : Another DECwest Cancelation 


One year ago today, I had the dubious honor of telling you that the entire 
PRISM program had been canceled. I just arrived home early this morning 
from yesterday's meeting with Ken Bolden, Jack Ship, Bill Decker, and 

I would have liked to delivered this message in person, but after taking a 
swing at Bill Decker (dam I missed), l was summarily fired. Thus I am 
delivering it by mail. 

The outcome of the meeting yesterday was to cancel OZNIX and disband the 
OS/BS business center. Phlegm, Bob Stabbacker, Bob Sluward, and Bussy 
Hinder were able to influence Bill Buffer and the others that OZNIX was 
the wrong product and yet another change in strategy was needed. As soon 
as OZNIX was canceled. Bob "risk taker" Gllier stood up and ask for $200 
million more to produce the next operating system totaling in ECL gate 
arrays (he claims they have some new breakthrough technology where you just 
write a few lines of code and set it in the corner. It then is so smart that 
is finishes the job itself. Its sort of like logic synthesis)! Fortunately 
there was enough opposition to vote this down, but it sure looked like Gllier 
had Bolden's ear for awhile (he must have pictures). 

After much arguing for some time, a stable strategy was reached. The original 
PRISM SRM (the one the senior technical people pooped on 3 years ago), has 
been resurrected and will be used as the basis of the next Digit architecture 
to be delivered in 1997. The vector instructions are gone, the four modes 
are back, and since Bob Sluwart was violently opposed, all programmability 
of the machine has been removed. Stabbacker is going to head up the project 
and it will be coded named EVC for Evict the Competition. This promises to 
be one of the most RISCish (Relegate the Impossible Shit to Compilers) 
architectures ever conceived. It is rumored that Gordon Dell is going to 
republish his computer architecture book just to make sure every computer 
science student gets a chance to read about this marvel. 

I can understand that you all must be very disappointed after having the 

full year of work thrown away after having reached the "stable strategy" of 
last year. But as a token of Digit's faith in its employees and wanting 
to be fair, I am going to give you the month of July off again this year. 
I know last year one month wasn't enough, but its better than working for 
Boeing and the Tarts project. There is one drawback though. As you know the 
high cost of sales, combined with the lack of sales, has put Digit in a 
tight financial position. So you will have to pay Digit your normal salary 
plus handling fees during the vacation period. I know this may lead to 
financial problems in your budgets, but think of the greater need that Digit 
has for this money. 

When you return, we will begin to spec the new operating system. The Digital 
News article about VAX/VMS customers wanting VMS on a Digit designed RISC 
architecture is just so much rubbish. A recent market survey done by the 
people in the glass palace (NR3), has revealed that the PICK operating 
system is gaining popularity and even though there is a large Digit 
customer base for VMS and PUTRIX, PICK is the operating system of the future. 

Sales of PICK systems expanded last year 500% (1 system was sold in FY88, 
and thus far, 500 have been sold in FY89). At $1 a license. Digit will be 
able to cleanup in the market place and grow into the IPM strata of revenue 

It's probably a good thing that OZNIX has been canceled anyway. After moving 
to the superior C/U**X technology from the inferior Pillar/VMS technology, 
it is clear that the move was not far enough. Therefore the new system will 
be written in an advanced dialect of Fortran II that is being produce by SVS 
(Sam's Vacation Spot). (Who needs structured programming anyway - and 
everyone knows that exceptions , separate compiler, and data hiding are not 
important anyway). Since Zl security has never been met by any system, the 
DWVTF (Decker Weather Vane Task Force) has decided that the level only needs 
to be YIO. 

Last year I bought the first few rounds at conference room D. This year, I'm 
sorry to tell you that you'll have to buy. I'm broke after Lon Willow and I 
chartered the entire first class section of the flight back last night (boy did 
we have fun. I hope I can get the expense account through by juggling some 
of the money into telephone calls and parking. Do you think that I can get 
$5000 for meals in 3 days by Dr. Feelgood?). 

Well I'm sure you want to get back to your offices (I guess you're already 
therel), and get things in order for the vacation. Have a good time and don't 
even think about work. Come back in a month an be ready for one hell of a new 
project. We're going to sail next time. 

ps - Don't forget to send in your money every week to Foody Jox. You don't have 
to deduct anything so send in the GROSS amount on your check, not the net. 

pps - You know if projects lasted less than a year I could give you a vacation 
more often. Maybe in this coming year, we should foster unstability in the 
startegy insterad of letting DWVTF do it. 

ppps - June fools! I am just kidding.